Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The To Do list.

Wednesday: Split Pea Soup
Garlic Bread

Reflections from the Backcounter

It is the middle of the week again and I seem to have arrived with a little less fatigue than usual. I have been attending to my health a little more lately and the pay off is happening. My energy is better and I am less done in by the to do list.

The all powerful To Do list. What is it about the To Do list that wields such power in our lives. I am constantly updating it, checking it and enjoying that momentary jolt of pleasure that is derived from crossing an item off the list. The To Do list is a fundamental element of my life and without it, my family would implode. But...honestly I would love to spend some time away from the have to section of the To Do list and on to the want to section. Life is too short to always serve the have tos. Maybe instead of doing I will concentrate on being for a while. ....and then we will run out of milk.....



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