Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday mayhem: Finals week

Chicken Cheese Enchiladas
Refried beans
Spanish Rice

Reflections from the Backcounter
Final exams. A dreadful week of stress, anxiety and hours of studying. Finals are a fixture in the American education system and they have the capability of turning a household upside down. I am just putting my head down and trying to weather the storm of moods and stress while providing large quantities of good food available at all hours of the night. What else is a mother to do? I can promise that the days of my being able to assist with the math are OVER. My math ability was surpassed in about the third chapter of the Geometry book. So, I will focus on sustenance and support, the teachers will have to present the content. Hopefully, the enchiladas will brighten a few moods.


Katie said...

YUM! Comfort food always brightens my mood!

amy said...

We are heading into finals. I'm cringing... but I'll remember your words.