Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday is really Friday Eve

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Reflections from the Backcounter

I am blessed today to have a guest author on the blog. My dear friend Ruth shares her thoughts about the week with us. Thank you Ruth. I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend!

When I was small, the world seemed like an enormous place to me. I thought the boundaries of the known world were the hill at the top of my street, and the corner at the bottom of my street. Each passing year changed my perspective in much the same way that you can change the perspective on a map in Google. Start at the street level and move up, to suburb, city, state, country, world, planet, universe, and you’ll get the idea about changing your own perspective on the week.
For example, today is Thursday. On a daily level, it’s a truly hectic day. My work to-do list and my personal to-do list are wrestling each other for the heavyweight championship, and my tired brain is trying to multi-task its way to the calm I crave and associate with completion and closure. On a weekly level, though, today is the day before Friday, which makes it technically (and much more positively) Friday Eve! Thinking about today as Friday Eve lifts my mental perspective. I’m less bogged down by the reality of today than the prospect of tomorrow. There’s more. Tomorrow (Friday), is the day before A LONG WEEKEND! I can scarcely stand the anticipation! Three whole days that stretch out like a grand and glorious blank canvas, ready to be painted with the colors of my whims, peccadilloes, and unplanned pleasures! Looking back at the month of May, I can appreciate that, despite having been busy to the point of near-cruelty at work, I have savored an unusually temperate desert spring, and done really important things like holding a frightened friend’s hand while her husband had surgery. The point of this exercise is that you can literally rise above the chaos of the minute, the hour, or the day by considering the week (it’s Friday Eve!), the month, the year. When you rise above the day, you can see further. You grow up mentally, and what you really see is that your life is blessed in ways that you never imagined when you were little and your world was small.
Peace to my Julia.

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