Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday night social life

Remote parenting. Clearly a phenomenon of the twentieth and twenty first century. I have defused arguments, directed the bandaging of wounds and coached homework projects, piano practice and hurt feelings all by phone. My favorite exercise in remote parenting is the end of the day commute warning call. " I am leaving the office right now and will be arriving home in 15 minutes, do not let me walk into a mess...get moving you have a lot to do before I get there!!" Some days it works and I can arrive to find only one or two of the breakfast dishes still on the counter but other days it is an utter failure and nothing short of a cattle prod can persuade my kids to do anything remotely resembling a quick clean up! But I still hold on to my false illusion of control and dutifully dial the house on the commute ...
Friday at last




Private Chef said...

Hi there

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julia said...

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate your feedback and I will visit your site.