Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Humility or humiliation

Life has a way of keeping you humble. Just when you think you are ready to take on the week with matching shoes and all the laundry done, you find yourself on your hands and knees in the middle of the street picking up the dog p_ _ p that has exploded from the trash can that you just hit with your new (used) car. High heels and all that's just where I found myself yesterday morning. I have had to take a day to ruminate on the lessons and can only come up with one pearl from the experience.
BAG the P _ _ P!!!!!!

Luckily, the car escaped without damage.



P.S. no mention of our menu tonight...I can't justify food and p _ _ p in the same posting!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Every momther knows that there is an additional element (besides earth, air, wind, fire, and water) that applies uniquely to them, and it is undoubtedly p__p! Who could ever have known when we were contemplating motherhoods filled with tender bonding moments, and crisply starched eyelet dresses, that we would also acquire world-class credentials in sanitation management?