Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Communion Buffet

Thursday: Salmon on the Grill



Reflections from the Backcounter

The first Communion is an important milestone in a Catholic child's life. This is a day that your child will remember forever and is a time of happiness and celebration for families. Traditionally, there is a party after the mass and it is usually hosted by the parents. Family and friends are invited to come to the party and usually it occurs on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Menus are best kept simple as last minute prep and cooking are not always possible.

A buffet is a perfect solution and also allows for contributions from family members who wish to bring their favorite recipe.

Decorating is easy...bring out all of the Catholic iconography from around the house and use it to decorate the buffet table. White linens, lengths of white tulle, ribbon and white flowers are simple ways to turn an everyday serving table into an elegant and beautiful buffet. Try elevating some of the dishes on boxes covered with a drape of fabric and decorate around them with flowers, ribbons and tulle.Food does not have to be fancy and certainly if the party is occurring right after church, there will be little time for last minute prep. Here are some menu ideas:

Most grocery store bakeries will make a beautiful first communion cake with a cross and a rosary on it.

Take lots of pictures and enjoy. This is a great day for celebration. Did I mention the dress? This is a great site for finding gifts, dresses and ideas for the big day.



Punch in a punch bowl (kids love this and it is very festive)

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