Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Salmon Pasta

Wednesday: Salmon Pasta

Well, I have a sixteen year old and the truth is, he is an eating machine. The result is that my carefully crafted menu plan has been consumed! My menu called for grilled salmon on Sunday and I planned to use the left overs to make this delicious pasta dish. Unfortunately, the human eating machine ate it all and I don't have any salmon left to make this pasta. I do have some canned salmon in my pantry and so I am going to try an emergency substitution. We'll see how it goes!

Reflections from the Backcounter: School Projects

I think that on many levels, homework is a terrorist plot to undermine the stability of the home. As if it were not enough to supervise and evaluate the homework of my own three children, I am, as I write this, helping my ten year old niece write an essay about the origins of a new constellation. I’m thinking that if she cannot accurately spell constellation that we are starting from a negative position. Luckily, my dinner is already cooking and I have a few moments to spare. Oops, need to stop and sign my son’s schedule for next year. I am confident that multitasking requires 2 X chromosomes.



Anonymous said...

Helsinki, Finland

High-school students here rarely get more than a half-hour of homework a night. They have no school uniforms, no honor societies, no valedictorians, no tardy bells and no classes for the gifted. There is little standardized testing, few parents agonize over college and kids don't start school until age 7.

Yet by one international measure, Finnish teenagers are among the smartest in the world. They earned some of the top scores by 15-year-old students who were tested in 57 countries. American teens finished among the world's C students even as U.S. educators piled on more homework, standards and rules. Finnish youth, like their U.S. counterparts, also waste hours online. They dye their hair, love sarcasm and listen to rap and heavy metal. But by ninth grade they're way ahead in math, science and reading. Read the full story at: What Makes Finnish Kids So Smart? -

Anonymous said...

I tried the Salmon Pasta, and i absoutly loved it! IT was sooo easy to make and tasted great. I can't even imagine where you get these great ideas. I just have to say that i haven't been on a blog yet that has such great ideas! Keep up the great work Julia!