Saturday, March 29, 2008

Close encounters of the snake kind


Unfortunately, our free ride is over. In the southwest, we have two lifestyles. Snake free living and snake alert. Snakes hibernate in the winter and so we are happiest when we are sure they are sleeping. All it takes is one warm day and they are out! Today is the first day of true snake alert. We were preparing because we had seen one or two on the road but today we had our first visit from a diamondback. Snake alert living means that kids cannot run free in the backyard, and adults must always carry a light at night when taking out the trash or pottying the dog. Luckily, most rattlesnakes give a good warning before they strike so there is ample time to get away. This snake was resting just under the car below the door on the drivers side. A VERY close call.
He has been relocated and order has been restored. Great information on rattlesnakes can be found at Desert USA
Photograph courtesy of Cove mountain kennels
Watch where you step and if you live in the desert, consider snake proofing your dogs. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was relocated? "I hate snakes...!!!"

Meaghan said...

O no! I am not looking forward to encountering those little uglies!

llc1027 said...

I am sure it was relocated to a place where it will never bother anyone again. At least this one was - careful where you walk!