Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life is joyful

Tuesday: Taco Salad

Reflections from the Backcounter

My husband told me that his coworkers were talking about blogging and that they could not believe real people actually maintained blogs. They were convinced that professional writers were the ones posting the comments on the blog. I thought this was humorous given that I am anything but a professional writer! It did allow me, however, cause to reflect on why I spend my precious free time maintaining my blog and where the gain for me personally is in this endeavor. I have honestly found freedom and clarity in the daily exercise of writing. Writing is an opportunity for personal space, time away from obligation and nurturing others and catharsis. The process of organizing thoughts into coherent sentences is comforting and reassuring when faced with the chaos of day to day life.

Journaling is powerful. Writing is a creative and freeing exercise that is life affirming. Try it. A blog is not the only vehicle for releasing inspiration. Journaling, letter writing, and poetry are all great ways to explore the benefit and power of language as a tool to enhance and strengthen our lives.




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Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
I love the photo of your joyful puppy, ears back, leaping and bounding forward. She is living completely in that moment. We humans tend to over-think our moments and in doing so, lose some of that joy. Every time I come home, my dog completely gives in to the sheer pleasure of seeing me again. She does this whether I've been gone for an hour or a full day.I've decided to be more like my dog!