Thursday, March 27, 2008

Networking with other mothers

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Grilled apple and chicken sausages (I prefer Aidell's)

Refelections from the Backcounter
Social networking sites abound in our electronic world. Our kids are much more attuned to the intricacies of such sites as My space and Facebook. Mothers may not be as technically savvy as our children but there are sites available for moms to connect with other moms who have similar interests and concerns. I have recently discovered CafeMom and think it has great groups and discussions for almost any topic. Another interesting site is Interesting reading for busy women.

There is such comfort in commonality. We as humans need to know that we are not the only person to have encountered adversity or challenge. Discussing our concerns and seeking out advice from others who may have shared similar experience or who have overcome similar problems is essential to our own development and mental health. Social networking allows the opportunity to connect with others throughout the world and to learn from the trials and tribulations of others. Certainly, there are recommended cautions. Personal information should not be readily disclosed in any public forum and information about our children should be carefully guarded, especially pictures.

Check out these sites if you already haven't.



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