Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Communion

Thursday: Split Pea Soup

Reflections from the Backcounter: First communion. I have introduced you to Fridays in Lent and the meatless cuisine. Now, let’s reflect on every Catholic mother’s dream….the first communion…. dress. Yes, I did say, dress. The first communion in the Catholic church is a sacramental and blessed event but as a separate topic, all Catholic mothers have a dress agenda. This is the truth. The dress is of utmost importance to the event and the ceremony around the hunt purchase and photographic documentation of the dress are of paramount importance. I’m not sure that the clergy gets this.
I have had three children receive their first communion in the Catholic church and each event was a wonderful celebration of family and faith. Did I mention the dresses? Every little Catholic girl has the opportunity to wear the nicest dress of her lifetime for her first communion. The shopping is epic. This weekend I had the pleasure of having one more chance to shop for a first communion dress. My niece (the one with the Constellation project) had the opportunity to have the dressing room limelight this weekend. No room in this dressing room for modesty. Little white dresses and veils were flying, cousins were criticizing and her proud mother and aunt were holding back tears as we saw the delicate beauty of the child dressed in chiffon and tulle. When I am an old woman, I will remember this day!



Anonymous said...

Loved the Communion Dress blog; it brought back memories of scarcely-suppressed tears in a Nordstrom dressing room when a grungy, jeans-clad girl morphed into Audrey Hepburn in her Senior Prom dress. Intriguing how these rites of passage are always accompanied by outward changes that bring clarity and reality.

Anonymous said...

Nice description and thank you! I thought I was being silly when I had to hold back tears seeing my daughter in her gorgeous communion gown at the shop. (I was also crying over the price, but that's another story!)