Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday blues

There is something about Sunday afternoon that speaks to all working people. A blue cloud descends around three o'clock in the afternoon as we contemplate the return to the workday grind. Friday night only reveals the unlimited possibilities of the weekend stretching endlessly ahead while Saturday morning brings a burst of energy and excitement resulting from the release from the routine. Sunday is when the sobering reality of our obligations reaches near crisis.

Fear not...Monday will come and the rhythm of the week will settle in. Enjoy your Sunday night meal and take solace in the fact that this week, things will be different because we are working together to take some of the weariness out of the routine. As I write this, the aroma of my pork tenderloin is filling the house with hope, happiness and food for the heart and soul of my family.

Check out Rachel Ray's site for menu planning....well done and includes grocery lists.

Stay strong...



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