Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Backcounter Buffet

So what exactly is the Backcounter Buffet? More than a title for my blog, it is truly a lifestyle. Food is important in our family and healthy meals are the mainstay of our kitchen. However, I am challenged everyday to get the meal to the table and feed my family before 9 p.m. (not kidding). The Backcounter Buffet has evolved over time and has become an essential method for streamlining our weeknight meals. The Backcounter Buffet is the way we serve our meals on weeknights to minimize the mess and the cleanup. It in no way takes away from the quality of the meal or the time we spend together but rather enhances the dinnertime experience for our family by reducing the stress of the meal preparation.

Every kitchen has a backcounter. This is the area on either side of the stove. It is a great spot to set up a buffet and with a little thought your family can move through the buffet line like they do in our kitchen. When my kids are told that we are having a Backcounter Buffet, they know that they need to grab a plate from the cabinet, serve themselves the food that is on the counter or stove, pick up silverware and a napkin from the silverware drawer and prepare a drink from the refrigerator. Everyone is responsible for getting themselves to the table and our precious time is spent giving thanks for our meal and enjoying each others company, great food and the stories from the day. Our meals are streamlined and our time is invested in each other rather than in the set up and tear down required for a true sit down supper.

Our children love the term “Backcounter Buffet” and have thrived with this model. We hope this works for you and look forward to your stories from the “Backcounter”!!!



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