Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Soul of the Home

The soul of the home emanates from the laughter of the children, the life affirming tinkle of the dog collar and the heartbeat of the routine tasks of daily living. There is definite comfort in the common ritual and rhythm of the seasons, holidays and family traditions. It is often the smallest of things that resonate with our children. The smell of brownies baking, the excitement of choosing the perfect valentines for the class or the chance to blow out the candle on the dinner table are woven into the tapestry of childhood memories. As mothers, we are often looking for the opportunity to make the perfect memory for our children and in the effort to achieve perfection miss the lesson of the ordinary. Our children need our reassurance and love; they do not need a production. Focus on simplicity and remember that the comfort of the evening meal is often one of the most special childhood memories we can make for our children. I still remember the meatloaf dinners lovingly prepared by my mother and to this day I attempt to recreate the same meal for my children using the recipe she graciously passed down. Take a step back and relax. The soul of the home is in your heart and your heart is often in the kitchen. Tonight is the one pot chicken dinner. Let the chicken bake and fill your home with comforting aromas and memories. I hope the weekly menu is working for you and helping to ease your stress.



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