Saturday, February 16, 2008

Menu Week 1

Planning is the key to survival in a busy family. Homework, school projects, after school activities and work all collide during the crisis hours....the hours after work and before bedtime!Remember, there are only 168 hours each week. Dedicate one of those precious sixty minute intervals to planning for dinner and the rest of the time will be a little less stressful!

How to start!!!
  1. Start with the end in many meals should you plan for? In our family we try to plan for at least 5 meals a week with the understanding that leftovers can usually be found for one meal and we love to have pizza on Friday night.

  2. Use the grocery ads to find bargains in your area. In our city, grocery ads come in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday and I find lots of inspiration in them to help me plan my meals

  3. Try to make a menu plan that has variety and meets the expectations of your crew. It makes no sense to try out risky new recipes during the busy week. Save those experiments for weekend leisure cooking or vacation days!

  4. Cook at least two meals on the Weekend for use later in the week. Save those meals in the freezer for the evenings when everyone gets home late and you have only minutes to get the food on the table.

  5. Sunday night dinner is a great chance to cook for two meals and save one for later.

  6. Dessert is always optional and not on the plan. We keep fruit and home made/store cookies or brownies on hand.

This Week's Line Up: 2/17- 2/23



with apologies to the recipe...use left over pork tenderloin from Sunday night

  • Green salad


  • One Pan Chicken Dinner

Chicken thighs, carrots, new potatoes onions. Layer vegetables on the bottom of a roasting pan and place rinsed and dried chicken thighs on top. Season with worcestershire, seasoned salt, pepper and basil. Roast at 350 degrees until done



Friday (Fish on Lenten Fridays)

Hope this helps with your week! Let me know how it goes. Links provided for inspiration and guidance!




jg_remote said...

I love your ideas! Your are dead on for what I need help with. Great links to helpful recipes. I will keep watching your blog.
Julie G.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Julia. Your ideas were a hit, other than the Chili. My husband was certain I had dropped dirt into the pot! It did taste a tad "off".

The description how horses help each other is incredible. We humans could learn so much from them.

Would like to see if you have other ideas for a weekly menu. I have decided to complete them all before Monday. Great idea, great blog name. Thanks for sharing.


julia said...

Many thanks for the positive feedback. I am to to the blogging world but am a seasoned veteran of the work life balance challenge. I will post menus and recipes on Saturdays. Enjoy your weekend and my most hearfelt thanks for your support.



julia said...


So new to the blogging world that I made a bad typo..I meant to say that I am new to the blogging world but am a seasoned veteran of the work life balance challenge.