Thursday, February 28, 2008

Puppies and Pork chops

My good friend is expecting. In the course of a normal day this would be tremendous news but in this situation it is brilliant. My friend is expecting a litter of Bergamasco do we know?
The confirmation of the blessed event came from an ultrasound. If you do not know what a Bergamasco is check out the picture. They are the perfect family dog and are hypoallergenic. Great news for mothers who are tired of chasing dust bunnies, hair balls and dander. My best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery of these puppies ...I have signed on to be the midwoof, if they arrive on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If it is a weeknight, I may have to let nature take its course.
Tonight is our porkchop dinner. The twice baked sweet potatoes are delicious and so easy. Try setting the timer on your oven to start automatically baking the sweet potatoes. You can set the timer before you leave the house and the potatoes will be ready when you arrive home from work or running the kids to after school activities.

In our busy and hectic schedules, pets can provide us with a moment of unanticipated joy and happiness. Although, they often add to our already overburdened schedule of obligations, they do infuse a certain unexpected hilarity into the day and brighten our collective countenance.

Will keep you posted on the Bergamascos...there is a confirmatory xray on Monday...this way we will know how many puppies are coming.



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Sally said...

As the proud expectant mother-to-be, I want to let everyone know that Bergamoscos are WONDERFUL family pets. More, importantly, howver, I want to express how thrilled we are that Julia has signed on to be our "Midwoof" because we know that all will be well for the mother, the puppies and the human parents. Julia will be there to make sure that all creatures great and small survive this family's first animal delivery. The "J" in Julia stands for "Jack of All Trades"!!!!!!