Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dust never sleeps

I have always been fascinated by the unfathomable: infinity, God’s endless capacity for love and of course; the painting crews on the Golden Gate Bridge. Now don’t get me wrong, pondering infinity is a great contemplative exercise but it contributes nothing toward getting my house clean. My house is my personal Golden Gate Bridge. If rust never sleeps in San Francisco Bay, dust never sleeps in my house. I relate to the painting crews on that bridge. Our work never ends. Maybe if I paint the surfaces in my house International Orange I won’t notice the dust? I think a better idea would be to get a crew. There are 38 full time painters battling the rust on the Golden Gate….surely I deserve at least one full time dust buster?

I think I had better set the kitchen timer. I have found that I can do anything for two minutes. Two minute sprint toward a cleaner house...a great idea but don’t forget: Dust NEVER Sleeps!



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