Thursday, January 22, 2009

Light rail system: Phoenix

Reflections from the Backcounter
We actually had a fun adventure on Sunday.. Two of my children decided to brave the crowds and run in the P.F. Changs 1/2 marathon. This was a feat of varsity organizational magnitude for parents who desired a return of their children ( or what was left of them after 13.1 miles) Multiple roads were closed and crowds were unbelievable. I wasn't sure how or if I would find my children or get within three miles of the event that ended at Arizona State University. Anyway...we decided to try to ride the recently opened light rail system. What a fabulous option and what a surreal experience. For a girl who remembers cruising Central avenue as a teenager it was nearly an out of body experience to glide through downtown Phoenix on a train! We arrived in Tempe no worse for wear and enjoyed the experience immensely. Our children were easily located in the well marked family reunion field dutifully sitting under their designated letter. We collected them, returned to the light rail and smoothly rode back to our car in North Central Phoenix. A good time was had by all. and of course Ceres the wonder CCI puppy rode the train without a complaint and entertained the fellow passengers with her butterscotch coat and mild mannered pleasant personality.
Progress made for a perfectly wonderful afternoon

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
The obvious wonders of light rail aside (and I am a huge fan), the thing you story made me long for the most was the very idea of your children (but any children, really)dutifully waiting under their assigned letter. What a seductive concept for a parent. Imagine this: "Here children, is your letter (in my case, the letter "I"). Please wait here until your parent comes to collect you." A totally new approach to the teenage years! Kind like a library/Dewey decimal kid-storage system. Why did I not think of this?