Monday, January 12, 2009

...Go Cardinals!!!

Reflections from the Backcounter

Monday morning quarterbacks in the US are analyzing and reliving each minute of the Arizona cardinals game this weekend while I am still analyzing the facts and trying to make sense of my weekend. It is Monday and my Christmas tree is still standing in my living room, my canine companions are gracing our presence with their uniquely nauseating odor of dirty dog and laudry remains piled in my laundry room. This in spite of a non stop frenzy of constant motion, errands and cleaning beginning Saturday morning and ending at 11 pm last night when I collapsed into a heap of fatigue. Maybe I should consider leaving the tree as a decorative element in my living room. Where is it written that an artificial evergreen cannot moonlight as a houseplant? I am definitely seeing the potential and the dog odor is becoming familiar...soon I will be crawling around my house through tunnels carved in the papers that are piled to the ceiling. I can actually see how it can happen. In a house with three dogs, two cats and three children (the fish thank heavens are history), I imagine the refuse could pile up in record time. We would not need thirty years to look like hoarders. In fact, as I look at all of the tree ornaments...maybe I do have a hoarding tendency...Is this the beginning of becoming an old woman with cats, quilts and paper bags stored in my dishwasher? Food for thought. Looking forward to Tuesday...never look may be a frightening glance over the shoulder



Anonymous said...

I once left my silver aluminum Christmas tree up until May. I am not kidding; I was working alternate weeks out of town and my then-husband was studying for a big exam. Nothing bad happened. He passed, and we all thrived. The only thing I really learned from the experience is that aluminum Christmas trees are fearsome dust magnets! Martha Stewart's SWAT Team of House Inspectors never dropped by my house and fainted due to my wanton disregard for accepted housekeeping standards, and in looking back,it wasn't even the worst housekeeping crime I ever committed. No; that would be the time I spilled cat litter down the drain in the bath, and it toaly clogged up like concrete, required complete replacement. Nasty!

julia said...

Dear anonymous, dont worry, the housekeeping police know who you are and have you under surveillance right now looking for violations of the housekeeping code of ethics. Christmas decorations displayed beyond April 15th are subject to federal taxation.
No worries mate. You can always pledge seasonal confusion..doesn't Christmas really come in the summertime down under?