Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scorpion terror

Last night I was saved by my cat. Yes, that black and white, shedding, demanding, entitled feline who has never seen a counter he shouldn't climb on, actually earned his keep last night. After putting the howler monkey puppy into her cage at 1:15 a.m. I stumbled back to my bedroom to throw my exhausted carcass into bed and on the way made a pit stop...As I was leaving the bathroom, I noticed that the cat had once again weasled his way into our bedroom. ( He loves to jump on our bed and keep us awake all night long with his purring, kneading and need to be the focus of our attention...) Anyway, he looked a little too alert and actually was pushing at something on the floor with his paw...On closer inspection, I realized that he had captured a small bark scorpion and was keeping it from escaping. I of course in my calm and rational response to all things creepy with venom let out a moose bellow and awakened my sleeping husband who immediately jumped out of bed with a tennis shoe at the ready for crushing and annihilating any and all creatures of the night.

Scary...I have already been stung once and do not want to go thru that again...This darn scorpion completely blended with our carpet color leading me to believe that a breeding program is underway to encourage survival of the fittest scorpions in my house...those that blend in best will survive to procreate. So...I am sure that for the next few weeks, my nerves will be on total edge as I prowl around the house at more entering dark rooms....I am sure my electric bill will reflect it!

Anyway...hats off to the I won't complain about the cat box.




Heather said...

Ah, this is why I love living in Michigan. We may get a ton of snow, but we have no scorpions.


Anonymous said...

Great.......and to think I was going to stop by tonight. I will not be able to come over until these creatures disappear for the winter. You know my fear of all things reptilian.............
Guess who......

norma f said...

In response to your request for solutions to the nighttime howling, whining and screaming of your new puppy: Here is the old fashioned recipe designed to calm a new puppy.

Put a loud windup alarm clock wrapped in a blanket or towel in the crate with the puppy. Windup clocks are inexpensive and certainly have always worked for this family.

Norma F. Scottsdale, AZ

Polly said...

Not sure whether this will be of any use at all - but borax kills off many creepy crawlies. Corn meal is supposed to kill off ants as they carry it back to their nests and allegedly cannot digest it. Perhaps one or both of these will work on scorpions.

I'll drop by again if I can think of anything else ... in the meantime ... what a purrfect little partner your puss has turned out to be. :)