Friday, August 15, 2008

Loyal Readers: A Cry for anyone out there? Leave a comment!

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Ok Loyal Readers.....the last post although slightly funny was really a veiled cry for help. I am serious... this puppy howler monkey cross is killing me and it is now 8:26 p. m.and I know that I am in for another night of tossing and turning howling agony....I have already invested in the "Hearo" ear plugs...plugs that meld to meet the architectural peculiarities of your ear canal...and I have had my glass of wine. I am confident, however, that this will not suffice and 1 a.m. will find me shuffling down the patio toward the grass with an ecstatic wide awake puppy who will take fifteen minutes to do her business and upon return to her kennel will again engage in the eardrum splitting howling, yowling, fever pitched screams that have populated my brain for the last two weeks.

I did receive one suggestion via email to administer bourbon via an eye dropper...what wasn't clear from the cryptic communique was whether or not the bourbon was for me or the puppy!!!!

So, Loyal Readers, rally around....send me some suggestions for my puppy management crisis. I know you are out there...I also know it is more fun to read than to write a comment...




Anonymous said...

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304news said...

One thing that's a fact ~ puppies love to chew ~ get plenty of those 'one hour' chew bones and maybe he/she will settle down with that. (Hard to chew and howl at the same time) If that doesn't work you might try a herbal calming supplement

Good luck!

Shadow Rider said...

It's been a long time since I had a puppy. I do remember a lot of whining at night at first, but it stopped as they got older, and we did concentrate on wearing them out during the day, so they were happy to sleep most of the night.
Perhaps if you set a schedule to take the puppy out, say at 12 or 1, then get up early to let them out at 5. (Take turns in the household) That way the puppy doesn't continue to be rewarded for howling.

Good luck!

julia said...

Thanks to all of you who chimed in with puppy help tips...we will see how it goes tonight. She is on her own...there will be no getting up. I have handed out ear plugs to the whole family...we will see what happens! Thanks again