Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Thursday: Tamale Pie (a standby favorite for a weeknight quick meal)

Reflections from the Backcounter

The blog has been very quiet this week and is a testimony to my utter and complete exhaustion. The combination of the first week of school and a new puppy is threatening to sink my proverbial ship. What is with the school? Why do I have to repeatedly fill out the same forms year after year....hasn't the school district heard of going green...I have filled out enough paperwork to wallpaper my bathroom. I believe that I have single handedly deforested a heretofore shady glen! (Now a sunny vale!) In the course of all of this form filling out exercise I have come to recognize that I have post traumatic application disorder. Truly....these forms always give me a flashback to the gut wrenching anxiety associated with college and grad school applications. I don't suppose I will ever be truly over it...I start to fill out the form for my seventh grader to participate in the science lab and suddenly the room begins to swirl and I am transported back to another decade ( I refuse to identify the year as ..on a blog I can be ageless) and begin to experience sweaty palms and a headache....

On to my next challenge...sleepless ,dog howling ,cage rattling, midnight pottying the dog ..nights...How can such a beautiful, fluffy, sweet darling little puppy go so far to the dark side at night? Just as I am drifting off into a deep and dream filled (ok ok nightmare filled: school application flashback) slumber, I am rudely startled back into a conciousness filled with the howls of a puppy turned werewolf crossed with a howler monkey. And...she will not be deterred from her goal of prying one of the adults in the house (all children have dog barking deafness at night) from the warm bed. This pup is a master...and just to reinforce our well trained response, she shows us the desperate need she has by running to the yard and after sniffing for at least 15 minutes does her full and complete number one and number two business and then returns to collect her praise.

Needless to say...I am pooped.!!
Nocturnal werewolf howler monkey cross
Don't be fooled by this innocent face. Beware the darkness......
More on this later

Peace and puppyhood,


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