Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ceres: The gorgeous CCI puppy

Ceres and O'Hanna

Reflections from the Backcounter

"Don't hate me because I am beautiful." This puppy is a looker and she has a personality to match. There have been a few sleepless nights so far as I think she is still suffering from separation anxiety from her littermates and mother. We are in the full throes of new puppy raising and are very excited to have her. O'Hanna is home and is still a little stressed. She had some hot spots on her legs from licking. We are thrilled to have her back.

Tomorrow we start the Kinderpuppy classes and we are on our way to training this latest CCI puppy.

Tomorrow menus are returning to the Backcounter as I need to make them to keep my sanity, keep the troops fed and protect my budget. We are T minus 10 and counting to the first day of school. Today, I was able to make a great purchase at the used uniform sale so there is another plus for frugality.

Please feel free to offer suggestions and leave comments for:

1. Varsity dog hair management. I have used the dustmop three times this morning and can practically weave a rug with what I have gotten off my floor. This will be an ongoing challenge...maybe I need to lower my standards?

2. Nighttime strategies to stop the howling. How one small puppy can make so much noise at night is beyond me. She sounds like a wolf howling at the moon and the sound reverberates off of our tile floor bounces off of our ceilings and pierces our eardrums. I have purchased some ear plugs...

3. School prep countdown..
4. Vacation reentry laundry marathon.
5. Any strategies for to help with post vacation blues

Wow ..I better get busy...the laundry pile is taller than me....I would much rather write.



1 comment: said...

The puppy is soo cute and I love the video. It made me cry.
I have a request on the new recipes. I am trying to get affordable protein into every meal but struggle for sources of protein.
Julie :)
P.S. Awesome blog!