Saturday, August 16, 2008

Running on empty

Menu: Chicken stir fry.

Reflections from the Backcounter

I am going to regret the conversation I had with a friend..."I think that I will get back to running, it will be a great opportunity to bond with the kids. "Am I crazy??? starting to run again in middle age?...Interesting what a different experience it is now compared to those college days...Now everything hurts.
That first mile is gruesome and then the creaks and aches settle down into a tolerable rhythm of discomfort and the beat of the road gains a comforting cadence. That is... until the i -pod abruptly stops ...and then the adrenaline pump from the tunes is replaced by enough mental whining to eclipse all endorphin production. Not to mention the heat. I got a little too ambitious this morning and started my long run a little too late. The joint pain was nothing when compared to the incipient heat exhaustion that I fought in the final half mile. But all is well...I did not succumb although I did fantasize about the orange cooler attached to the side of the cement truck that was playing hopscotch down the street with me as it filled in a series of holes in the pavement. I did make it to my destination without humiliating myself by needing assistance from the cement workers who were obviously tolerating without any difficulty the heat that was threatening to take me to my knees... Luckily, I was able to give them what I thought was a plucky smile and a wave as I passed only to be totally embarrassed when they called out " you need water" I waved them off and limped into the ranch where my teens were riding in the triple digit temps without any effect....humbling....and of course after completing my pathetic 2.5 mile run (limp) I was informed that my son had completed a cross country team training run : distance 7 miles in the same heat.....His only problem was that he was now starving and "MOM, there is no food in the house!"

So job is to reload my IPOD and get some running tunes to pump up this middle aged metabolism, I need some really good tunes to drown out my creaky joints and my panting. Any suggestions? I would love recommendations for running music.
So, please leave a comment tonight on the Backcounter! I am looking for help with:
Music suggestions
More howling puppy suggestions ( Where are those Bergamasco puppy raisers with their collective puppy raising experience?)



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Meaghan said...

Hi AJ! Ceres is adorable! My suggestions for the howling problem:

1. Make her run around in circles right before bed. Getting a small puppy to play is pretty easy; you don't have to do that much to entertain her and it is quite fun for you to watch as well!
2. Get her a "baby." It will comfort her to have a little friend to sleep with and it will give her someone to take care of and love forever! Madelynne still has hers from her very first day at home!
3. Wrap a clock in a blanket and tuck it into Ceres' bed. The ticking will remind her of a heart beating and should be pretty comforting for her. It sounds funny but it really does work.
4. Be sure to have Ceres on a pretty normal routine. I know it's difficult with a bustling household, but a puppy needs that routine. It will help her control/train her bladder.
5. As much as you hate to leave a crying puppy alone, DO IT! By going to her every time she cries, you are training her to cry. Quite the opposite of what you want!

Those are just a few tricks that I have picked up about my furry little friends! I hope they work for you, and if not, pull her into bed with you! Who doesn't want a little cuddly hot water bottle to sleep with every night! haha just kidding. Hope you're well, and keep up the great blogging! I love reading it!