Thursday, July 24, 2008

Road food: SOS

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Road food!!

Keeping the ducklings fed while traveling is a constant challenge. Teen age appetites and my wallet are on a collision course with bankruptcy!! I am always looking for ways to feed them healthy fare and avoid restaurants and fast food chains. Having said this it is a challenge and I am being tested! I expected that there would be an available microwave in this hotel but to my dismay there is not even one on the premises. I am now rethinking my entire vacation menu plan and have to come up with ways to feed the crew cold food or premade food from the grocery. We can heat water in our little coffee maker..I am having a flashback to my freshman year in the dorm. I remember eating a lot of dry packaged soup and kool aid!
On a positive note, we made the road trip with a minimum of fuss and bickering. We have graduated from the "Are we there yet" phase of parenting (they know better than to ask that inflammatory question when they are perfectly capable of reading the road signs) to the "Why can't I drive on this straight stretch of semi-truck infested road?". Still a challenge and at the end of the four (or was it six) hours, my nerves were stretched taught on the way to being frayed.
And now the little darlings have the audacity to be hungry and somewhat disdainful of the leftover sandwiches that are being offered to the teenage god of hunger...I need some ideas

Menu ideas

Rotisserie Chicken from the grocery

French Bread

Bagged salad

Carrot sticks

Egg salad (Made from purchased hard boiled eggs)

Tuna Salad

Ramen noodles ( I hate them but the kids love them)

Sandwiches/cold cuts/PB and J (Hard for us because one of the kids has a peanut allergy)

Not a crisis but a challenge..I could use some ideas...Please send them to me and I will report back! I am confident that someone will have a better plan...I am the mental equivalent of burnt toast! Luckily, breakfast is provided...on for coffee..I am sure I will perk up with a little caffeine




Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
Having fed a tiny but ravenous teenage dancer who had numerous road trips to competitions (Las Vegas in July every year!), this is a too-familiar scenario. Try to get some protein into them, because it will stave off hunger longer than carbs. Some particular favorites: string cheese, trail mix, "Smart Food" cheese popcorn, and yogurt with granola. I used to just toss a handful of trail mix into a tub of cold yogurt, stir it, and pat myself on the back. Protein bars that you buy in supermarkets are good, too; Luna bars, Clif bars and the like. Allouette cheese (spinach artichoke is great) is easy to use as a dip from the container in the car, but I used apple slices instead of crackers to change it up a little.

lanne said...

My oldest daughter played semi-pro soccer until a few years ago, so I understand your trouble. Fortunately all 3 of my kids would eat an old boot if it were cooked right, so meals were not that big a problem. I always found a cooler stocked with veggie slices and dip were a good idea as well as fresh buns with lots of their favorite cold cuts and cheeses. Yogurt and granola is a good one too.

Julia said...

Thanks for the ideas...I am on my way to the market!!!