Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gas crunch

Reflections from the Backcounter

We celebrated Christmas in July this 4th of July. I think that this will become a new tradition for our family as it was really fun to break out the Christmas decorations and combine them with red, white and blue.

The highway to the mountains this 4th of July weekend was much less busy than many in the past. I have to think that we were seeing the effects of the gas prices on the enthusiasm of travelers. Today I discovered a great website that gives prices of gas across the country and in various zip codes. Interesting to see the variability in price even in the same zip code. A little planning can save up to ten cents a gallon. Gas buddy .com has great information and is a very interesting read.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
We used to celebrate Christmas in June occasionally in Australia, because it's wintertime then, and most of the traditional Christmas foods are hearty fare. Christmas in Australia happens in summertime, so the last thing you feel like eating is roast beef or turkey or plum pudding! It's fun to celebrate holidays whenever the mood strikes, though!