Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet CERES: Our new CCI puppy

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Well, we finally have the full information about our new CCI puppy who will be arriving on July 30th. Her name is Ceres and she is 75% golden retriever and 25% yellow lab. She is one of ten puppies born to Rowina and Alijah. Her littermates all have C names and are darling as you can see from the pictures above. We are very excited to meet her and cannot wait for her to arrive on the 30th. O'Hanna has now completed one month of advanced training and we have had one progress report on her to date. She is somewhat timid and has been playing rough with the other dogs! We hope she makes it to graduation but we would not be surprised if she is released and sent back home. Only about a third of the puppies actually graduate and are paired with a person who needs a service dog.
I have added a banner for CCI on the blog. Click on it to learn more about how you can participate in this most worthy philanthropy. If you want more information on being a puppy raiser, feel free to ask me. This has been a wonderful experience for our family although giving up the puppy to advanced training is always a heartbreaking experience.
Ceres is a dwarf planet in our solar system named for the Roman goddess Ceres who is the goddess of the harvest, gardening and motherly love. Ceres is also a town in northern California and it is pronounced ...series.

More to follow as we learn more about her.


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AZ Blogging said...

From your words, one can read a lots of happiness about your coming puppy. I really don't have much to say since I have no experience with puppies. Here in Africa, we don't really value puppies as much as you do there.

Good luck with you CCI Puppy