Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Staycation Wednesday

Reflections from the backcounter

So, I am now midway through my Staycation. Staycation...a novel word describing the American response to the gas crisis and the desire to rest, relax and rejuvenate without the cost of travel. It used to be that the highway beckoned the family willing to put up with the backseat whining and countless bathroom stops on the way to a fun filled beach or Disney vacation. Unfortunately, the current cost of gas dampens the call of the open highway and makes it a lot less appealing to embark on a road trip.

The benefits of the Staycation are of course savings, fewer hassles and the opportunity to enjoy local attractions. .. but for every upside there is always a downside. Is a Staycation really a vacation? I have read numerous articles highlighting the benefits of the staycation....but what about the dark side???? I think for mothers, the darkside is quite ominous. Lurking in the shadows of the staycation are closets screaming for attention, piles of family photos itching for organization and of course the never ending energy vortex of dust, laundry, dishes, floors, ceilings and errands.

Staycationers beware....if not cautious you may find yourself on the brink of reentry to the workforce less rested than you were when you left. Make it a point to schedule in relaxation.

Check out some great strategies to make your Staycation a success: Staycation strategies
If you have some suggestions for us Staycationers, please leave a comment. All suggestions greatly appreciated!!

Gotta go...I have to finish reorganizing my daughters closet!



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Strader said...

Hi, I'm a journalist looking to profile some "staycationers". Can you tell me a little more about what you did, why you decided to staycation, and where you live?

Thanks (you can contact me at strader(at)