Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New CCI puppy: Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People

O'Hanna when she first arrived March 2007
Our second CCI puppy
Reflections from the Backcounter

We were just notified today that we have been approved for another CCI puppy. (Our third: #1 Michaela and #2 O'Hanna) This one will be a yellow golden retriever/laborador mix and it is a female. We are very excited at the prospect of starting over with a new puppy. It seems that a new puppy renews our enthusiasm, offers an opportunity to atone for past mistakes and breathes new life into the household. This time around it will truly be a family affair as my sister, niece and mother have agreed to help with the puppy raising and puppy sitting responsibilities. Our puppy will arrive by plane on July 30th and now we are playing the name game.....what will the letter of the alphabet be for the litter and what is her name....want to buy a vowel!!!! No menu this week. I am on vacation and meals are an afterthought. Tonight we had burgers on the grill and ate outside in the moonlight. Peaceful and beautiful.



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Two Write Hands said...

You're right about children being vectors. But puppies! They're entirely perfect creatures. (I have an 8-year-old "puppy" myself.) Congratulations on your new addition!