Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas time at the Backcounter

A Merry Harried time of the year for all of the mothers on the planet. Shopping, wrapping, budgeting, cooking, baking and organizing family and friends characterizes the consuming and relentless march toward December 25th. Nothing short of the invasion of Normandy requires such skillful and expert planning. But the mothers of the world seem to always ensure a flawless execution on Christmas morning. Somehow ...each all gets done and the kids are met with beautifully wrapped presents promising excitement and and fulfillment of carefully constructed Santa wish lists. Even an economy in the biggest downturn since the great depression will not forestall the dedicated mothers. Bargains will be found, gifts will be regifted, bicycles will be rehabbed and the Christmas magic shine.

Kudos to those moms who are out there tonight worried that they just might not make it this year after all. Know that you will and that there is always one more ounce of energy hiding in that last cup of coffee......gotta go ...need to brew a pot of energy to help me coast thru the next few hours.

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