Monday, December 29, 2008

The Biology of Shopping and the Modern Caveman

The after Christmas shopping has been in full swing in my house. Gift cards and money are always great gifts for teenagers. My three hit the stores the day after Christmas and were quite successful in their hunt for bargains. The shopping adventure did, however, highlight the difference in biology that in spite of all my careful parenting....has produced a "man". My son explained to me his frustration with his quest for the perfect pair of jeans. He was "overwhelmed" with the choices and the time it took to also find a few shirts. My daughters on the other hand could have shopped on...... I really do think it is biology...think of ancient times, women were hunting and gathering...constantly looking for food to bring home all the while chatting with the other women in the group, carrying babies on their hips and making an event of forward to the after Christmas shopping frenzy...women with baby strollers and friends hunting down the best bargains store after store and gathering up all the needed items for their families at discount prices...eerily sounds a lot like the hunter gatherer women of ancient times!

On the other poor son.... the modern caveman. Single focused determination, irritated by distraction , the hunter needed to find and kill the wild boar (perfect pair of jeans) and bring it home triumphant in his conquest!! The crowds, the jumbled clothes on the sale table and the overwhelming number of options created a primal unease that spoke to his most primitive drive...shoot the boar and run for the cave! He was the conquering hero as he jumped into the car with his "game" in the bag!

I discussed this explanation with my son who actually laughed out loud...he agreed wholeheartedly and hopes that for his next shopping expedition, he can dispense with the browsing and make a surgical strike that takes him in and out of the store with no collateral damage.

Biology....and we thought our studies would have no meaning later in life!!!



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Foodista said...

I can relate to this one :) Heres wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2009!Cheers!