Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Exercise can be deadly

Reflections from the Backcounter
What a fine kettle of fish...now a deranged ankle on top of my already deranged mind!! The change in seasons heralds a rapidly descending setting sun and darkness arrives with an abrupt change in visibility...especially as it relates to that critical interface between asphalt and the desert. Last night I was clearing my mind of all the accumulated daily stress, rocking out to my tunes and jogging with my trusty Lab, Hanna...when without warning I found myself face down in the dirt with the an ankle that had immediately morphed into a cankle. Luckily, no evidence of broken bones but the ligamentous damage is obvious to even the most naive observer and I am going to need to find a substitute for my evening running stress management sessions. We old girls don't bounce!!! I did discover why Hanna was released from her service dog destiny...she is my destiny...as I was writhing on the ground she stood guard over me and acted like Lassie...when my Good Samaritan arrived, she actually took a stance and tried to protect me from harm...she has now earned her permanent place in our home!! I love this lab....Off to the ice packs..

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