Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dog joggin? or Lab draggin?

Reflections from the Backcounter

It has been a long week. Mono in the house has been a real downer...lots of sleep ,lots of advil and lots of patience and it looks like we are slowly rising to the surface.. the blog has been silent because of the disease burden my life!

Had a chance to run tonight and realized that I am not the only jogger struggling to encourage my canine companion to keep up the pace. For Pete's lab is a real drag!! She is not a good jogger. I feel like a sled dog dragging a musher. She is really hard to motivate to keep up...but misery loves company! I ran past a fellow jogger and he too was draggin' a lab! Maybe it is the breed...we are quite the sight in our leash tug of was as we jog down the street.

More later!




Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear about the mono. I had something like it after I had my second child. Either that or I had a mild case of polio contracted from her immunization.

About your drag, er, lab-- maybe you should get a beagle. We have one, and when she's on a leash, BAM. I couldn't let my son walk her for the longest time, not til he got bigger, otherwise he'd be dragging behind her. Crazy dog.

Hope you can get back to blogging and dropping EC cards soon.

bwspl said...