Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scorpion Wars

Reflections from the Backcounter

It is definitely a war....for some reason...this has been a season of high scorpion activity. I have shared my scorpion terror stories before and have provided pictures of the creepy creatures but this picture is a real world picture of the scorpion who had set up housekeeping under our garbage can. He is headless as we had to take immediate action and by the time I got my camera out, the battle was over....He is sizeable....CC the scorpion killing hunter cat is expressing his opinion of it!
Scorpion rules of engagement
  1. Shake out your shoes
  2. Never walk barefoot in the dark
  3. Control cricket population
  4. Live with free ranging cats in the house
  5. Keep clutter to a minimun
  6. Keep things off the bedroom floors
  7. Get the house sealed

Luckily, we had not been stung this year. Scorpion stings are very painful and create a feeling of ascending numbness in the area that has been hit. The numbness can last up to six weeks. A very small percentage of people who are stung develop neurological symptoms (confusion, drooling, visual changes) and these are the ones who need urgent medical care. Children under two should all be taken to the ER. The rest of us poor victims just need ice, advil and a long time to recover...

Keep your eyes open



Shake out your shoes!!!

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know...I'm buying a puma to free-range in my house and I plan to sleep in Doc Martens from now on!
Loved the feral-cat action shot of CC channeling his ancestral scorpion-slaying heritage.