Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Backcounter: Back to Basics

Reflections from the Backcounter

The Backcounter Buffet is celebrating a year in the blog world and it has been a year of evolution. More than a menu planning and recipe blog, the Backcounter is truly a reflection of the challenges we all face in trying to find that elusive point of virtual balance in our busy lives. The challenge of serving the competing masters of work, home, kids, health, relationships and personal peace...the truth is ...true balance may be an unattainable goal. Rather, we may need to strive to find contentment in swaying back and forth from different points of imbalance...there is only so much time in the day and when we focus on one area of our lives other areas may have to be prioritized.
Perhaps a better view of the concept of balance is fluid motion. Our goal should be to make fluid and graceful progress toward our goals. To raise healthy and happy children, to find fulfilling work, to make a difference in the lives of those we love and those we don't yet know, to feel joy and contentment, to have meaningful purpose.

The journey is often hard. The work can be exhausting and arduous. The demands on our time exhausting. My goal in writing this blog is to highlight the bright spots on the journey; a recipe for a delectable chocolate cake, the earthy tranquility of chickens in the backyard, the joyful commonality of experience that we share ...

I hope that you will continue to read and enjoy the Backcounter Buffet as we enter our second year together. The Backcounter Buffet, that space between life and dreams, will remain full of ideas, great food and rich experience. Thanks for journeying with me....



Denver American Restaurants said...

Actually, baking a chocolate cake is pretty easy. You just mix everything together, pop it into the oven and it is done within 30 minutes or more. Not much hassle and you get great returns when it is done.

janson said...

The idea of made chocolate just sound so delicious, I'll try the chocolate trick next time.